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Submission Guidelines for

Lost in Translation Open Mic

To be considered for a performance slot, please follow the submission guidelines outlined below:

Submission Requirements:

  1. Performance Material:

  • Submit a link to your song or mix. Please ensure that the content is no longer than 5 minutes.


Artist Information:

  • Provide a clear photo of yourself.

  • Include your age.

  • Specify your talent (e.g., singer, rapper, spoken word artist, etc.).

Submission Process:

Email Submission:

Content Links:

  • Include the link or attachment of  your music in the body of the email.

  • Attach your photo to the email.

Artist Details:

  • In the email, include your age and specify your talent.

  • Include your T-Shirt size.

  • Include all social media contacts and phone number

Important Notes:

  • Each artist accepted will be allowed to perform one song or one mix during the event.

  • Ensure that your submission adheres to the 5-minute time limit.

  • Incomplete submissions may not be considered.


  • All submissions must be received by 2 weeks prior to the event date to be considered for the upcoming event.  We ALWAYS leave 5 slots open for artists who may not be aware of online submissions or who may have seen late. YOU CAN STILL SUBMIT and it can be considered for one of our following events. 


We look forward to receiving your submissions and showcasing the diverse talents at our Lost in Translation Open Mic event!

Best regards,

Poetiic University LLC Team

Interested in Performing?

Thanks for submitting to perform our event.

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